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Painted Trillium is a three member Celtic band. They perform traditional Celtic and folk music that ranges from fast paced reels and songs to airs and slow ballads. Their band name comes from the three-petaled trillium flower which represents the three members of the band. Painted Trillium has performed around the Mid-Atlantic as well as in the Midwest. They have been a regular part of the Maryland Renaissance Festival and have performed at venues such as: Symphony Woods, Columbia Festival of the Arts, The French Embassy, Columbia Lakefront, Twilight Tuesdays in Silver Spring, New Deal Café, World Café Live at the Queen, festivals, cafes, pubs, churches, weddings and other private events. They were also part of a feature on CNN. In 2010 Painted Trillium recorded with the metal band, Sound of Thunder, on their album Metal Renaissance. You can hear them on the album’s opening track Wee Beastie composed by band member Rob Meyer. Currently Painted Trillium is working on their debut album that will be released in 2016.